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How We Work

CNS Communications, Inc. utilizes a hands-on approach, working closely with our clients to develop highly-targeted and focused media plans and methodologies at the lowest possible unit cost within the advertising space.

Making effective and profitable advertising decisions requires a variety of formulas and tools to sift out the most targeted and effective media platforms when developing a successful media plan.

These specific formulas are applied to determine the optimal media mix, balanced with the precise frequency (spots/insertions) required to achieve our clients’ goals, while minimizing waste and eliminating overkill spending.

CNS Communications, Inc. employs innovative strategies developed over time to ensure our clients’ success based on:

  • Thorough needs anaylsis and indentification of clear client goals

  • Employ analytics of qualitative and qualitative research that utilize state-of-the-art technology and strategies to overlay demographics, psychographics, and behavioral criteria to develop a highly-targeted and appropriate customer profile

  • Research and competitive analysis

  • Development of initial media allocation based on client-defined budgets

  • Selection of the best media platforms designed to work in a cohesive manner to maximize reach to desired customer base

  • Establishment of positive, long-standing relationships with media reps in order to garner the best rates, added value elements such as sponsorships, 3rd party tie-ins, bonus airtime, promotional mentions, etc. 

  • Experience and market awareness in order to to understand where ratings and trends potentially diverge from reality

  • Assistance in developing clients' brand messaging in order to develop an integrated marketing strategy with multiple layers in order to optimize results and R.O.I.


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